Can students still apply for AMCS this year?

Yes. The application process is outlined on the website under the tab “Apply Now”:  https://amcs.asdk12.org/


Can AMCS students participate in the athletics programs at their home school?

Yes. Students can participate in a sports program with their home school. All ASAA eligibility requirements still apply. If a student is interested in participating in athletics, they should discuss their intent during the meeting with their AMCS UAA academic advisor and school counselor so they are not scheduled in late afternoon classes.


Can AMCS students walk in the graduation ceremony at their home school?

Yes. Students will earn an ASD high school diploma from AMCS. Students will commence in the AMCS graduation and may also participate in home high school graduation as per ASD specifications.


Can AMCS students attend dances at their home school?

Yes. AMCS students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at their home school. In addition to being issued a Wolf Card, each AMCS student will be issued an ID card for their home school.


Can AMCS students attend sports competitions at their home school?

Yes. AMCS students should also be allowed to purchase an activity sticker from their home school.


Can AMCS students receive academic awards or honor grad recognition from their home school?

No. These recognitions will be awarded through AMCS. Similarly, AMCS students should not be included in the running for valedictorian or salutatorian at their home school. 


Can AMCS students qualify for the UA Scholars program at their home school?

It depends. If they attend their home school as a junior and fall within the top 10% of their class, they should be included when reporting to the UA Scholars program at the end of the school year. If they attend AMCS as a junior and they qualify amongst their AMCS cohort, they will be included in the submission from AMCS.


Do AMCS students have to pay for the college credit or textbooks?

No. These costs are covered.


Can AMCS students take evening classes on the CERC campus?

Yes, if they meet the minimum placement requirements. Please note, if the evening course uses a textbook different than the one for the daytime course, the student may have to cover the cost of the book.


Can AMCS student take classes on UAA’s main campus?

No, with a few noted exceptions. AMCS students cannot take classes on the main campus that are offered on the CERC campus. In future semesters, arrangement may be made for students to take science labs on main campus.  If a student places into a course at a higher level than is offered on the CERC campus, they will work with their academic advisor to schedule that course on the main campus.  Students should also be aware that classes offered on the main campus may require additional student fees not covered by AMCS.


Is bus transportation provided?

Yes. Students living in Anchorage can take their regular bus route to their home school and then ride the bus to the King Career Center.  A bus will leave KCC to transport students to and from the CERC campus. A more detailed description of the bus service, including departure and arrival times, is available on the website.


Do students need to purchase an ASD parking pass if they plan to drive to AMCS and park on the CERC campus?

No. Parking is free at CERC. Please note that AMCS students will be required to park in certain designated areas. Students will get this information during boot camp week. Students who take a class at their home high school will need to purchase a student parking pass if they park on campus.


Can Anchorage-area students drive to KCC and catch the bus to and from the CERC campus?

Yes. The AMCS bus departs KCC at 8:10am.


How does AMCS determine if a student is enrolled full-time?

To answer this question it’s important to understand how credits are applied to a student’s transcript at the end of a semester:

  • Students earn .5 credit each semester for completing a high school course
  • Students earn 1.0 credit each semester for completing a 3-credit college course because it is equivalent to a yearlong high school course

A high school student enrolled in six semester-long classes or three 3-credit college classes is considered full time. Many AMCS students will take a blend of college and high school classes.  They will be considered full time as long as they are enrolled in a combination of classes totaling 3.0 credits for the semester. It is especially important to understand that, under ASAA eligibility rules, an athlete must be enrolled in the equivalent of five semester-long classes (2.5 credits) to maintain athletic eligibility; senior in good academic standing must be enrolled in four (2.0 credits).